Gathering Information

We gather information from many sources: the web, files on our computer, ideas shared with our friends and co-workers, and our memories.

CollectedThought™ lets us quickly drag and drop not only links to web pages, but images and text contained on those pages. When we do this, CollectedThought™ automatically maintains a back-link to the source, so we can drag an image or text excerpt from a web page, and quickly go back to the entire page when we want to.

We gather links to documents on our computer by dragging the file name from any file dialog box, desktop shortcut, or icon in a folder.

CollectedThought™ has a visual toolbar (which is completely customizeable) that lets you drag icons to place text notes, containers, and draw geometric objects such as polygons and circles, pre-defined shapes such as chart symbols and folders, and check-box text for to-do lists.

CollectedThought™ can make an audio recording of a lecture or presentation, and you can make bookmarks that link notes to points in the recording, restarting the playback from the point related to your notes.

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