Using Information Interactively

How do we use information? We use links to re-explore gathered information. We make presentations. We print lists and newsletters. We share information with others.

We can print a CollectedThought™ document by clicking on the printer icon. We can print the contents of any container by dropping it on the printer icon. We can print single pages of books by dropping the book on the printer icon. We can right-click on a book and print every page of the book.

Every object in a CollectedThought™ document can respond to events by performing actions. We can make a document that shows an overview of a presentation. Each item in the overview can open a window that shows the details for that topic. Each such page we show can make a mark on the overview. We can return to the overview between slides. We can take slides out of order in response to questions.

Every object can be set up to launch other programs or web pages when clicked. Our presentation now becomes more active - at selected points, we can have buttons that run other programs, launch other documents with other applications, (no hunting around in file open dialog boxes!), or show the audience related web pages.

It is easy to make a link that plays audio or video clips. We can make buttons in a presentation to display media without hassle.

While we make our presentations, our audience may ask questions. We can quickly make a note or checkbox item in response, right on the slide it relates to. We might go to another web page or document to answer the question, and a link to that can quickly be added to your presentation.

At the end of our presentation, we can share the latest version of our document with our audience. Rather than just giving them a list of bullet points, they can run through the presentation, explore its links, and see the answers to their questions that were added during the live presentation.

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