Evolution Computing's Commitment to Customer Support

CollectedThought™ is the newest addition to Evolution Computing's line of graphics programs. We have sold EasyCAD and FAstCAD for 25 years, and have earned a reputation for dedication in supporting our customers. We are still providing technical support for every product we have ever sold!

How to Get Support

You can directly e-mail support with your questions or problems.

Telephone support is available free of charge by calling: US 480-967-6967 9am to 5pm Mountain Standard Time Monday through Friday.

International customers may also get support from our overseas dealers, although some of them charge for support. See the list of international dealers on our sales page: International Dealers Sales

We also recommend you checkout our online forum. Many of our users are willing to answer questions and help with problems and ideas for using our products. The BBS history goes back over 5 years, so there is a wealth of information available.

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Contact Information
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