What is Tool Transparency?

We designed our new programs so that you will be able to work naturally, rather than requiring a rigid sequence of operations. Much of the difficulty in using modern computer programs comes from requiring you to perform step A, then B, then C, when your natural inclination and thoughts might work step B, C, then A.

Why should you have to say something is Red, and only then say what that something should be? It is better if you can draw a curve, decide it is red, and made of dashed lines. At another time, you may want to draw things with dashed lines, and then decide you want a curve. Our software frees you to create your work in any order that seems natural.

We have a name for this freedom: Tool Transparency. When we use a pencil, we do not think about the pencil, how it is positioned, when to flip it over for the eraser - it has become transparent to our thinking. We are focused on what we are writing or drawing, and we do not have to think constantly about the tool we are using. Our new user interface is designed to maximize tool transparency.

We also achieve tool transparency by using visual organization. It is much less distracting to your thinking to drag objects over tools than to open menus, pick a command, or run a dialog. By making maximum use of drag and drop, you do most things visually, leaving your verbal train of thought focused on your main idea.

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